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Building UADetector


To build UADetector yourself you need a JDK 1.6 or above and Apache Maven 3.x. To resolve the transitive dependencies you must be online.


To build UADetector you have to run the command

mvn package

in your command-line interface or IDE.

This will compile all the Java files, run any tests, and package the deliverable code and resources into

  • modules/uadetector-core/target/uadetector-core-0.9.16-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • modules/uadetector-core/target/uadetector-resources-2014.04-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • distribution/target/uadetector-2014.04-SNAPSHOT-bin.tar.gz
  • distribution/target/

(assuming the recent version is 2014.04-SNAPSHOT and 0.9.16-SNAPSHOT.)